Welcome to Mini World. We specialize in wooden decoration boats, light houses, marine decoration. As well as; soft toys, wooden toys, assemble and magnetic toys. Plus many more. We are direct importers with the finest quality and best price in South Afirca. Please enjoy you're look around the site and if you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact us.


09 June. 2010

Wrapping Papper on SALE!!! @R1.00 only
33 Designs
Minimum Order R500.00 with any other goods

April 14th. 2009

Two new sections have been added to the Other section. This would be Model Planes and some Party decorations.
If you cannot view anything or something is out of order do let us now via e-mail: ashleykat(@)my-reality.net
Also note that some of the pages are still in progress of being placed there, that includes the About, Order, Exits. However the contacting page is in order and you may fax any orders or just call in enquire.
Thank you.

September 20th. 2008

Mini World has been completely revamped. We hope that you all find this layout a slightly better version than the one before. It will be easier to navigate around as some of the link have been moved up to the logo. The look has a much more professional feel to it. This version was designed by Ashley-K, if you are interested in cheap, reliable hosting and designing, do contact her.

The Marine Decoration section has now been put up and is ready for viewing. We are currently looking into a search function around the site. This will allow you all to find the product that you are looking much faster and easier. As well as improving on the speed and overall performance of the site.
Thank you.

For further inquiries about our stock, please contact Felix Huang via e-mail.